Unspoilt Labyrinth

You know that cheesy saying about it not being about the destination, but the journey? It's 100% true for road trips, if you keep an open mind (although the destinations are epic too). Prime example, my recent adventure to Labyrinth, St. Mary.   As is typical, I started out the day having no clue where... Continue Reading →


The Other Portland

Jamaicans have this term, ‘back a God’, as in behind God. It’s the equivalent of saying God forsaken. That was my view of Clarendon for years. I only slightly revised the view after being exposed to areas such as Frankfield, Sanguinetti and Chapelton, and realising I had formed my view of the entire parish based... Continue Reading →

Blue Lagoon, Over and Over Again

This is the story of the time I went to Blue Lagoon three times in a few weeks. Yup! It all started with a road trip to Portland by two girlfriends. We decided we'd make a day of enjoying the Blue Lagoon and Monkey Island. Driving through Stony Hill and on through the Junction, through... Continue Reading →

Negril, Finally

For years I carried the shameful realisation that I was one of a handful of Jamaicans who had never been to Negril, Westmoreland. As a child from a parish with none of the traditional swimming beaches, I was constantly bombarded with stories of trips to the beach by childhood friends and schoolmates. When asked to... Continue Reading →

White Sand Surprise at Morant Point

I’d seen the sunset from West End, Negril, the most western tip of Jamaica. I wondered what it would be like to see it rise from the east, from Morant Point, St Thomas, to be exact. The thing is, I’d never been to Morant Point. The farthest I’d ever gone, driving from Kingston, was to... Continue Reading →

Chasing Fireflies

There's no denying my bias towards exploring the south coast of Jamaica, simply because of its untamed vistas - no window dressing for tourists. However, I do make it to the north coast, because it too has hidden gems, plus there is a reason many of the sights on that coast have tourists coming back.... Continue Reading →

The Manchester Coast?

Every Jamaican knows all of Jamaica's 14 parishes are bordered by the Caribbean Sea, but tell anyone about the coast of Manchester and they look at you in puzzlement. That’s because Manchester is not known for beaches or rivers and has no major road by the coast. However, Manchester does have some gems worth going off... Continue Reading →

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