Blue Lagoon, Over and Over Again

This is the story of the time I went to Blue Lagoon three times in a few weeks. Yup!

It all started with a road trip to Portland by two girlfriends. We decided we’d make a day of enjoying the Blue Lagoon and Monkey Island.

Driving through Stony Hill and on through the Junction, through Port Antonio and then on to the Blue Lagoon. You arrive at the Blue Lagoon quite suddenly, along a stretch of villas, after passing the signs indicating Frenchman’s Cove and San San Beach. The Blue Lagoon sign is not as obvious, then there is a narrow driveway down to the water.

Upon arrival, we opted for a boat ride instead of a raft. There are ready captains/guides waiting for customers and we found a very engaging guide.

That day I was in awe of the colour of the water, a magical blue-green. The tour guide was quite interesting, telling us stories of the lagoon, the movies shot there and how long it might take to swim the 180 ft to the bottom and back. He also took us out on the coast pointing out the villas and who owned them, as well as stories surrounding the various natural formations.

Peaceful, beautiful Blue Lagoon
Halfway through the tour, he left us at Monkey Island where we frolicked and took pictures for about two hours. There was a friendly vendor there, Nalbert, selling refreshments  who was hilarious and also told us to scrape the sediments from the stones on the island and use it to wash our face and other skin if we wanted to look 10 years younger. We got to work. No noticeable results as yet.

a section of the small beach at Monkey Island
Backdrop from Monkey Island
Modeling on Monkey Island. San San Beach in the background.

When our guide returned for us he gave us the other half of the tour, which continued around Monkey Island and back to the dock at the Blue Lagoon. That was my first time to Blue Lagoon.

I posted a picture from the day on social media, many marveled at the serenity and beauty, which is absolutely incomparable.

Immediately, my brother insisted he was visiting me and we were going to the Blue Lagoon. So, two weeks later I was again at the Blue Lagoon. This time with my brother, his family, my step-brother and his family. We opted for the same guide I used the last time.

Again, the beauty of the place was breathtaking. We took the same tour and again stopped at Monkey Island. On the return this time, though, I got a chance to navigate the boat (what a risk!) and then we also stopped by the mineral pool at the side of the Blue Lagoon. This pool is reputed to also have properties which can make you look 10 years younger :). The guide said several mineral springs flow into the pool. It was the coldest water ever! It took a little coaxing for me to fully immerse myself. But, when I did, the water was so crisp and refreshing on my skin.

After the Blue Lagoon, we made a day of Frenchman’s Cove. Here, the river meets the sea in the most picturesque setting. So you can enjoy both the river and the sea at one venue. The experience swimming in the cove is quite interesting as, given the mix of sea and river water, the water is cold in some places and warm in others.

About three weeks after the return from that trip, I was at the Blue Lagoon again. This time with some of my other siblings, who also saw my pictures and insisted the trip had to be done.

Again, we did the tour and used the same tour guide. Again, I was able to enjoy the beauty of the lagoon, despite my recent visit. Plus this time the guide took us a little further on the coast and I also had a dolphin sighting. I also spent some time riding a bicycle I borrowed from one of the men.

To top off the day, we went to the Cliffhanger Restaurant in Long Bay. It’s a rustic restaurant, right at the edge of a steep cliff, below which the Caribbean Sea waited for any eventuality. When we got there the sun had already set and a full moon was now the star of the show.

I have never seen the moon look more beautiful than it did as it rose over the water, lighting up the surface and appearing to be so big and so close. That was the highlight for me.

Unfortunately, we were all famished and the food took the longest I’ve ever had to wait in a restaurant. The operators did try to make the wait easier offering an appetizer on the house, then later when we continued to wait, adding free dessert.

So there, you have it, three Blue Lagoon trips in a little over a month. I had fun all three rounds.

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